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Message from the founders

Dear Visitor,

Thank you very much for being so interested in our project that you explore our site. While it's still sparse - and certainly full of flaws - we're determined to turn it into an extension of our organizing tables, brainstorms, and libraries. 

In this space it will be possible to consult the documents that inspired and allowed us to fully understand the dynamics of Casalmaggiore and the Bassa Padana area in its golden age. We will also soon implement a section dedicated to the transcriptions of the scores of the great masters of the chapel, such as Donati or Vignali, who represent the raison d'être of this festival. 

For any request you can contact us by mail or via the main social networks. 

I nostri Patroni

Il Festival "Venetia Picciola" è promosso e sostenuto dall'Associazione  Amici del Casalmaggiore Festival, con la collaborazione del Comune di Casalmaggiore e del Comune di Sabbioneta e col sostegno di Fondazione Cariplo.

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